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Drivers, Vehicles, Security and Equipment

PREST'BIKE is a high end company for carrying people on two or three wheels known as "moto-taxi".  We are specialized to transport people on moto-taxi and cars all over France.

Our Drivers

All of our drivers are certified by law.  no.  2010-1223 made October 11th 2010 which took effect April 1st, 2011, regarding the transportation of passengers with a driver.  Our drivers have a minimum of 10 years experience with a licensed motor cycle, and 3 years experience with a moto-taxi.  All our drivers carry professional ID cards given by the police.  The drivers carry professional insurance and a sticker on the windshield saying they are authorized to transport passengers on two or three wheels.  You can ask the driver to see any of this information anytime.

Our Vehicles

Honda Goldwing luxe 1800 GL prest'bikeThe Honda Goldwing Luxe 1800 GL are without doubt the most comfortable and secure motorcycles on the market.  (adjustable suspensions, heated seats, ABS breaks).  These bikes are also the most luxurious, and have the comforts of a car, combined with the easy maneuvering into traffic of a motorcycle.  Whatever the traffic or weather conditions, you are guaranteed to arrive on time.  The passenger seats are heated, and have a cover to protect the legs of the passenger.   All of the moto-taxis are equipped with GPS.  Your cellular phone can be connected to your helmet.  The radio on the bike, or your personal iphone, ipod etc will offer you a wide variety of musical choices.  You can also reserve your musical preference when you make your reservation.  With two sides cases plus one back case with a roof rack, the capacity to hold multiple items is a plus.   PREST'BIKE will take care of all of your luggage, even the most fragile.  Please don't hesitate to contact us at or by text message or email or again on our website .  If you have doubt about the weight of your suitcase, we will respond to your questions.

At PREST'BIKE moto-taxi, all of your questions will be answered promptly.

Equipment and Security

equipmentsYour comfort is one of our top priorities.  This is why PREST'BIKE moto-taxi offers a range of comforts for you, to make your trip easy and secure. (helmets, protective pants, gloves, blue tooth, inter-com, jackets equipped with elbow, shoulder, and back padding, heated vest, and airbag vest).  All of our equipment is approved by the Government.

All of our Honda Goldwing Luxe 1800 GL are less than three years old.