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Prest'bike offers you customized services


The PRES'BIKE drivers, or third party, are all professional drivers of transporting people on motorcycle taxis.  A team of drivers are trained to take care of all your needs. (transfers to airports, train stations, or other destinations, your precious objects, cruising, letters, parcels, etc) in Paris and all over France. You can contact us 24/7 on our website at or email us at for all your needs. For long trips, contact us prior for an estimate.

The services of motor taxi is available for everyone, even for people in a hurry who wish to minimize the time of travel.  Thanks to moto taxi, you will be on time for meetings, taking trains, airplanes, without losing time in Parisian traffic.  Prestbike also offers a car service.  Prices will be given when you contact us.

Sight Seeing

Prestbike offers to its customers a sight seeing tour across all the different areas of Paris.  This service is offered nightly and daily.  The driver is available to stop anywhere you choose, for your sight seeing pleasure.

Transportation of precious objects, letters, or parcels

Prestbike offers to carry all of your documents (files, letters, jewelry etc).  This is an additional service offered to you.  We are certified to carry precious objects as written in our K BIS.  With us, you only have to deal with one person to take care of all your needs.

Your first experience on moto-taxi

Prestbike offers to its clients a trial test drive to make you feel comfortable using moto-taxi.  You will enjoy the smoothness of the driver on the moto.

The carrying of people on moto-taxi is an up and coming travel solution for companies.

VIP Accounts

PREST'BIKE offers to VIP'S all of its resources-experience, service, technology-to increase your companies efficiency, such as:

On Demand Services

The professionalism of PREST'BIKE can meet your specific company needs, for example, having multiple bikes and drivers to take you to any professional obligation.  We are your disposal to take care of all of your projects.

Don't hesitate to contact our commercial service enterprise to find the best solution to meet your needs.

PREST'BIKE thanks you for your trust.

Enjoy your ride with PREST'BIKE Company !